Our Testimonials


Tala Events did an incredible job of planning and executing our event on very short notice. Tala Events brought creative and out-of-the-box ideas, and pulled everything together with speed and efficiency. Talayeh was so accommodating and easy to work with. Everything was beautiful, and we were thrilled with the results. Talayeh will be my first call for my next event!!

Tara K., Diply.com,

So the first question I asked myself when we started to plan our wedding was, "do we even need a wedding planner?" With that being said, my husband and I met with Talayeh of Tala Events "just to see" if we would need her help on our big day, meanwhile, we thought we would only need a day of planner. Oh my gosh, after one meeting with Talayeh we were SOLD. She is SO organized and knows the wedding world SO WELL. But on an even more important note, Talayeh remains calm in all situations. As a bride, any little thing can set you off and stress you out while you're trying to manage a million tasks. With Talayeh, she keeps you organized, on track, and calm, which makes the process of being engaged and planning a wedding the BEST time in the world! So all to say, if you're looking for the best wedding planner, go with Talayeh of Tala Events, you will NOT be disappointed and your big day will be a dream come true! And I highly recommend using her for every service she offers. However, she is so incredible that even if you use her for day of only, you won't be disappointed and she will go above and beyond! She's the best!

Erin H.,

It would be the best thing you could do.  Tala Events is top notch.  My guests were raving and talked about my event for weeks.  Some event planners want you to accept their vision, but Tala Events listens and gives your vision an exceptional outcome.

Stephanie G.,

Hiring Tala Events to be my wedding coordinator was the BEST decision I made during the wedding planning process. My only regret is that I did not hire her sooner! I'm a teacher and planning during the school year became near impossible. When we sat down for our initial meeting, I know I had a lot to do and was behind on pretty much every timeline benchmark.


Talayeh never made me feel like I was behind, was incredibly positive, and gave me weekly tasks to focus on! She helped me to streamline everything that needed to be done. More importantly, she made me feel excited about it- which is the way it should be!!!! Talayeh is organized, KIND, funny, professional, and calm. She was very easy to get a hold of and always supplied quick responses. We were able to have many sit-down meetings over drinks or tea and made the planning process even more fun!


Talayeh helped me to stay on budget, provided me with vendor lists, added to my Pinterest board, and even sit me pics of decor items! On the weeks before the wedding, I could not have been more thankful for her. She coordinated with every single vendor, worked out kinks that came up with the venue site, and created a detailed and organized day of timeline which she supplied to all vendors and important family members. In addition, she was there for the rehearsal taking notes and asking many questions.


ON THE DAY OF- Talayeh's gentle and calm demeanor kept me at ease. She kept all of us on schedule in a relaxed way. Talayeh made everything feel like it went off without a hitch!!! I am beyond thankful to have found Tala Events. She helped my wedding vision come to life in the most seamless way! I'm forever grateful!--

-Erica O.,