It's time to celebrate!   You've come to the right place.

My name is Talayeh, owner of Tala Events.  A detail oriented planner and storytelling stylist.  I live life with passion.  I believe that if you are going to do something, then do it right.  Go all in.  No looking back.  I am honest and caring and am truly invested in making your event a memorable one for you and your guests.    That is why I left my corporate career to fulfill my dreams to use my creativity, passion and drive to build you an unforgettable event experience.

Though being a previous advertising executive doesn’t seem as if it was that long ago, now I am a business owner, mother of two children and experienced many of the highs and lows that life has to offer.  Along the way, I have learned a few lessons. I've learned that life is as precious as it is delicate and unpredictable. I've learned that life passes in the blink of an eye and that it's all the tiny moments in between that should never be taken for granted. That's why every moment should be celebrated with enthusiasm and fervor.

It was from these thoughts that the inception of Tala Events came to mind. Tala Events is based upon a love for the flare of creativity and the excitement of exceeding expectations. We believe in a friendly partnership of ideas while maintaining an honest and dedicated work ethic. Tala Events will help transform your event into a true celebration of life! We offer full-service planning & styling, hourly creative consultations & vendor recommendations and an abundance of creative pieces to make your event memorable for you and your guests.

Life is best when we make each moment special and we allow our gratitude and zest for life to fill our hearts with those we laugh with and love. I believe that every occasion should be celebrated in style. Whether its a grand ballroom affair or personal and intimate celebration, Tala Events will create an event to remember.